How To Start An Online Business

How does a Web Business work?

This is a subject most first timers touch when they try building an online business. And there a lot of ways you can do this as well. But for the sake of the audience reading this article, I will try and explain one of the many ways it is done, and that’s the way I am doing it right now.

Let me explain broadly how I do it.

First, the key to affiliate marketing is having a product to promote, and building a list to which to promote. And there are many products out there and many websites which ask you to promote them to potential customers. But it is advisable,and this is something that I do, that you choose a product that you know something about, which you think could help those potential customers resolve their problem. You don’t have to, but it is easier to promote a product which you have used.

Ok. So you search the Internet long and wide, and after a while you finally found that product you were looking for. Now what?

Well now, the first thing to do is create a Squeeze Page. What is a Squeeze Page you say? Well, the Squeeze Page is a One Page website in which you only try and convince the visitors to sign up to your list. You will not sell them anything on this page. You will not try to convince them of anything else than to sign up to your list. And that is because you want their addresses so you can promote your product at a later time. And how will you do that?How will you make them give you their email addresses?…By giving them something of value for FREE. Yes, for FREE.

So now they have signed up to your list. They entered their name and email address and pushed the “Sign Up” button. What happens now?

Well, after this, two things will happen:

1. They will be taken to a “Thank You” page in which, well, you thank them for them signing up. you can try and sell them a product in the thank you page but this is not how I do it, as I think as this is coming a little too strong.

2. They will be added to your list.

This list is managed by an online service called an Autoresponder.

But a responder is needed, and even though it is an expense, it is a small one.

Why it is needed? Because as they are reading the “Thank You” page, the autoresponder sends them an email to their inbox. In this email there will be a link, which will send them to your “Download Page”, in which you give them a link to the FREE gift you promised them if they sign up to your list.

Ok. So now you have their name and email address. What to do now? Well, the next thing to do is nurture the relationship you have established with your subscribers by sending them occasional emails, other free gifts, other tips to help them with the problem they came to your site. And it is easy, even if you don’t know anything about the related problem. There are many free sources on the web from which to inspire your answers.

Well, this is the basic model of how A web business works. And i say basic, because there are a few other aspects of a web business you need to understand, as a newcomer to this field, to operate a business online.

Ok. Hope I cleared the fuzz a little for the beginners out there. As I said. There are many ways to start your own Web Business but this is, partly, how I do it, and it works for me.